Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ampatuan Massacre (Nov 23, 2009)

Ampatuan Massacre shocks the Filipino populace and the people around the world. It was such a horrible incident. I feel very sad for the victims and I am mad at Philippine politics.

Killing always happens during Philippine election. I don't think political killings will ever stop.

It is just very sad that there were many innocent people who were victims of the massacre. At least 30 journalists and their staff perished in the Nov. 23 massacre that killed 27 other civilians in the deadliest single attack on the press in the world.

A general view of the shallow grave where the bodies of victims of massacre were found in Ampatuan town, Maguindanao province, on November 24. Police have ended a grisly search for corpses and mass graves from the election-linked massacre, with the known death toll standing at 57.

Detailed map showing where at least 57 people were ambushed and murdered in the southern Philippines. A Philippine politician was charged with murder after authorities accused him of ordering soldiers, police and other gunmen to kill at least 57 defenceless people in an organised slaughter.

Photos and captions are from Yahoo News and Yahoo Photos
You can visit The Maguindanao Massacre Website for UPDATES....


shydub said...

Nag sakit akong dughan binasa sa news lulu oi, pisti ba jd atong mga tawhana sa. naglimbawot akong balahibu nagtan aw sa mga pictures sa mga biktima grrrrr.

Nagyaya lng ni arroyo. grabe jd ning politica ba. Last nku serve election dha nga grabe sd binumbahay sa mindano. pastilan ning mga tawhana, pagka hudeo gayod.

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