Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday shopping is a tradition to many. For me, it was a first time experience. At first, I couldn't grasp the idea of waking up early to fall in line for a chance to shop. For me, it was somewhat ridiculous. But an opportunity was presented to me. Jan planned on going to a Black Friday shopping and Dave volunteered to keep Andrea so that I can experience what Black Friday shopping looks like.

I woke up before 2AM and got ready. It was cold outside (29F). Jan told me that we will leave at 230AM. The store will open at 4AM. We got at the store with around 15 people ahead of us at around 3AM. I thought, the weather was find. I was not cold until I stood outside the store in line. Then after few minutes, my hands were freezing and my ears too. I can't believe I was there to experience and "suffer" for the sake of Black Friday shopping.

When the store opened, I then realized why people really have to go there so early. There were items that were really priced low. Although they are of limited quantities... (well that's why you have to fall in line

Black friday was a good experience... I enjoyed it actually!

Here's the evidence of cold early morning... waiting for the store's best deals...


Anne said...

Mi, wala ko kakita friday jud kay ngitngit paman ni...mao jud na for teh sake sa shopping hala lakaw bisan nuskig ang kamot.... waaaaaaaa...

Ang cam mi, abangi ha?

shydub said...

Hesus maria, nangadlawaon mn jud intawn ka ug linya, grabe na jd ka shopaholic nimu. Akong lubot naghagok pa anang orasa.

Wala pko ka experience anang black friday oi, taman rako tan aw tv.

Dili mn gani ko momata ug simbang gabi, shopping na ba waaaa.

sa chicago lulu, ky nag sugod ug panggilinya gabii pa, atimana lol.

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