Saturday, December 12, 2009

... and the Heisman goes to....

Tonight is the most awaited night for all those that are nominated to win the Heisman Trophy. I have my personal favorites. I wanted Colt McCoy to win and perhaps Toby Gerhart but Ingram won which he really deserves. Ingram is the first Crimson Tide Player who won a Heisman trophy.

Ingram's acceptance speech is really full of emotion and you can't help but respect him for that. For more about Ingram's winning the Heisman you can read it here.


kittykat said...

OH my..this is the same award that was given to that first Black American guy in the movie I watched Mommy Lu..congrats to the winner..

David Funk said...

The closest voting ever, and you could argue a case for four of them including Suh.

Kittykat- You are correct. The Express was the movie about Ernie Davis, who won the Heisman Trophy playing for Syracuse. Really sad his life was cut so short, but his college career was iconic.

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