Sunday, December 13, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Things

I admit, I am not a very creative one. I don't have the flare for doing things on my own and improvising things. I wish I have an artistic eye because there are so many things to do that is worth your time and which can help improve the look of our humble abode.

I actually envy those people who can make something out of nothing. For me, it is a great talent which I obviously don't possess. I wish I know how to recycle things and make very cool stuff. I am so glad to find some ideas of diy gadgets. Who knows in the future I will be able to do things like the do-it-yourself stuff that are posted in the DIY Gadgets blog.

If you are interested to learn cool stuff made of recycled materials which is 100% green and free, you can check out the DIY Gadgets Blog.


Clarissa said...

ang galing ng ibang mommies dito,sobra silang mahilig sa DIY--yan din yata ang wala ako lol!^_^

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