Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apartment Living

Since we live in an apartment, I don't need to deal with problems that revolves around a garage. I don't have to worry about any garage flooring problems. Our apartment complex has ample parking space for all its tenants and visitors. If we need to, we can also pull up our car near our door if we have some heavy stuff to tow inside our place.

There are some advantage when living in an apartment. Up until we can have our own house, I will enjoy the advantages that an apartment living can offer. Living in an apartment may mean limited space but hey I have a roof over my head that protects me from the cold weather, we have food in the table, and I have a great family.... Life is Good!


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iand said...

Well said. I am also renting an apartment, for now. I do not see any problems with apartment living. I love the current setup, though I still dream of having my own place so I am trying to save up money to my own home.

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