Monday, February 1, 2010

Movie Kiosks

We are movie addicts. We watched movies almost every night. If we can't find good movie to rent we pull out a movie from our many dvds to watch. Although we have seen these movies, the second or third time seems to get better.

We stopped renting DVDs in Blockbuster because it cost's us $5 for two days.

For a couple of months now, we rent movies at the redbox. I love this kiosk because you can rent a movie for $1 a night and you can return it anywhere you want. It is very accessible also because you can check at their website and it will tell you what movies are available in a certain area. For the price of $1 a night it is worth it. We encountered bad dvd once but when we reported it online we were given coupon code as refund of the copy that we had. It was very nice of their customer service to do it.

Recently, I saw a blockbuster movie kiosk and I was amazed because they also just charge $1 a day for it. So far, I have only seen one kiosk. As far as I know you have to return the DVD in the kiosk where you got it (correct me if I am wrong please.)

At the moment I will still continue using redbox because of its convenience to us.


Dhemz said...

as in mami? nana diay BB? wala pako ka kita ana dire....:)

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