Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Camel Burger

Okay... I love burger! I eat fish burger, chicken burger, beef burger but camel burger? I think I have to really think about that.

Camel burger is the newest healthy option on Dubai menu. It is said that burger patties made of camel were fat- and cholesterol-free but a good question will be how did they ever tenderize a camel meat?

Camel meat is widely eaten in Arab countries but it is not commonly served in restaurants but Camel burger has gained its popularity because it becomes a hit to tourists and locals alike. A camel burger costs 20 UAE dirhams ($5.45).

Do you think you will ever eat a camel burger???? Maybe if they will not tell me that it is a camel!


Mama Ko said...

Kalood uroy ana uy, next time human burger na yuck!

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