Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Storm Saturday

Many states are bombarded by snow storm today. When I called my sister in NJ, she told me that they have 24 inches of snow! Wheewww and brrrr!

Mid-Atlantic experienced the biggest winter storm in nearly 90 years. The snowstorm walloped the Mid-Atlantic states, dumping up to 33 inches of snow that shut down the nation's capital, left thousands of people without power and caused flight cancellations nationwide.

In Washington, D.C., up to 33 inches had fallen in some areas. I know that it is hard to be hit with snowstorm but I just wish that it will snow here. With all the snow that some states are experiencing, Alabama had only few snowflakes. I even joked with my sister that if she has 24 inches of snow, I have two snowflakes!

I don't want a blizzard or snow storm... I just want some snow!


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