Thursday, January 21, 2010

REHAB for the Rich and Famous

Rich and famous doesn't just go to ordinary rehab for help. They go to posh rehab. They go to Cirque Lodge which sits in Utah's Wasatch Range. A stay in the lodge, which has room for just 16 guests. This place is very costly for us who doesn't have the money but for the rich and famous this is nothing. Well, for a day, it only costs $1,595 with a 30-day minimum. (Let's do the math... it is $47,850! minimum whewww!)

Cirque has a private helicopter that takes recovering addicts on inspirational tours of mountain scenery. Seventy percent (70%) of their clientele are alcoholics. The recent residents of this posh rehab are people battling for dependence on prescription painkillers.


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