Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Love Affair with Blogging

When I moved here in the USA, things are different. I was stuck in the house most of the time while hubby is working. I can't work because I need to be a legal resident for me to legally work. Things were a complete turn around from what my life was. I used to work more than 10 hours a day and almost 7 days a week. I worked since I was 18 so I never was a domesticated kind of woman.

When I moved here and got married (to a wonderful hubby by the way!), I learned to be homebody and I learned to be domesticated. I had to adjust to my life. Without being occupied with work, I have to find something that will occupy my mind and that's when I found out about blogging.

I feel in love with blogging because it was my way of expressing and sharing my life. It was a good avenue for me to make my mind active. I was just glad that we have two netbooks at home so I can use mine anytime I want. I can blog anytime some idea pops up on my mind.

Blogging has been fun. I meet friends online and yes I earn from it too. So, why don't you try blogging?


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