Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sisters' Talk

I have grown closer to my sister through phone calls. She lives in New Jersey so seeing her and her husband in person is not feasible at all times. We do see them once a year. But for the rest of the time, we just communicate through phonecalls. We always talk for long hours. It is funny to think how we never run out of topic to talk about.

We talk about anything and everything. We discuss things from the past, plans of the future and our present situations. We always talk of how life was when we were kids and how fortunate we are with our husbands and our lives now.

Would you believe that we even talk about football and different sports. Well, we never knew what football was until we migrated here in the USA. It is amazing how quickly we adapted to an American life.

Anyway, when I talked to my sister yesterday we were discussing about bills and how things are getting expensive now. She was complaining to me how high their home insurance is. I advise her to look for another insurance company. She can always compare home insurance quote and find a cheaper one with all the necessary specifications for the insurance coverage.


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