Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Everything is BIG in USA

I remember the first time I visited my father in law. The two plasma tvs that they have was the first thing that caught my attention. I was mesmerize. I am not exaggerating! I came from the place where a 21" inch tv is considered big already. Seeing a 65" TV for the first time was a very astonishing experience for me. When we watched the TV that time, I was so amazed at how big the people in the screen, to me it seems like the people are life size.

My first few weeks in America was full of surprises. That was then that I realize that everything in America is big. The hamburgers are big and the drinks in the fast food chains are huge. The serving in the restaurants are all in big portions that I can only manage to eat less than half of it. Everything is big from fruits to veggies and all the toiletries are sold in big packages. Everything here was sold in big packages and from where I came from most things are sold in the smallest package that is available.


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