Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am Beautiful (It's True!)

I knew it... I am beautiful! (Not conceited eh?) Seriously, this beautiful blogger award was given to me by some of my blogger friends... Mami Rose, Mami Kat, Silvergirl and all those who gave me, those which I already forgot (pasensya na ulyanin na) thanks a bunch. Anyway, I am modifying the rules as I don't know 15 bloggers who doesn't have this award yet.... Anybody who wants to grab this and who thinks you are beautiful... go ahead grab it and tell the blogosphere that you are beautiful!

7 things about myself
  1. I collect angels.... lots of them!
  2. I love to cook... visit my Mouth's Delight for proof
  3. I am a movie buff .... we own hundreds of DVD's and we watched a movie almost every night.
  4. I am not sun-friendly... during summer I always get headache when I am exposed to the sun for more than an hour
  5. I am a certified blog addict... I compose entries even in my dreams. When I am laying down in the bed I think of a good entry before I go to sleep
  6. I am the family's favorite... a little bit spoiled too!
  7. I want to go back to school.... whenever that could be is a good question which only God knows!


Mama Ko said...

I know! Beautiful and rich ako ky beautiful and sexy ra mn waaaaaaaaaa. lol

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