Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am a Frugal Shopper

When I shop, I need a lot of time. I compare prices, I look for sale items and I look for good deals. I also use coupons which I get from Sunday paper and different magazines. Believe me if there is a word SALE displayed in the store, expect that I will be there to check it out.

Some sale items are deceiving. There are items in the sale area which are not really on sale. My secret to making sure that the item is on sale is to scan the item first to make sure that the price is right. The barcode scanner that is displayed in different areas of the store comes in very handy for me. You know the place where they marked "Find Price Here", that is where you can find a barcode scanner that will tell you the price of an item. I always do it this way because I hate to argue with the cashier about the pricing.


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