Friday, March 12, 2010

Birthday Cake

Yesterday, my hubby celebrated his birthday. We had a wonderful dinner cooked by the chef (me!)... We ate steak and mushroom. We also had crab legs which we didn't eat... ssshhhh we will eat it tonight.

As for dessert, we had German Chocolate cake. This cake is my hubby's favorite cake so, it is just but fit to have german chocolate cake as his birthday cake.

There was one happy girl when she saw the cake. She couldn't wait to dig in to the cake... that's my daughter Andrea!

German chocolate cake is a layered chocolate cake filled and topped with a coconut-pecan frosting. Sweet baking chocolate is traditionally used for the chocolate flavor in the actual cake, but few recipes call for it today. The filling and/or topping is a caramel made with egg yolks and evaporated milk; once the caramel is cooked, coconut and pecans are stirred in. Occasionally, a chocolate frosting is spread on the sides of the cake and piped around the circumference of the layers to hold in the filling.


Dhemz said...

ay pagkabibo dire sa opps...pangga jud ka ni PU2 mami da...eheheheh!

woi, kalami sa cake...that's hubby's fave too!

teJan said...

oi! kalami ba ani nga cake oi! datu naka lu? perti ala man hunong imo opps! more blessings!

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