Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Island Paradise

Okay, I have my new addiction. I play Island Paradise in Facebook. I have so much fun cooking and hunting for ingredients. I enjoyed stealing from my neighbors too...lol

The good thing about playing this game is you can leave it while you are doing other things. For somebody like me who is busy with some online tasks and my blogging, island paradise game is perfect because I can leave my cooking and just get it when I am done with other things.

So far I am enjoying this game. I enjoyed "begging" my friends to help me look for my lost animals and helped me discover some recipes. So to all of you out there, help me find my rabbit which is on the loose right now. I also need you to help me discover the coffee recipe... hehehee


jrivera7777@yahoo.com said...

i am extremely upset w/island paradise,,,their was some maintenance done yesterday n promised crops would be ready for harvest today...but set me back 2 islands (over 20,000 coins)...do you know how much time n money that is???not a happy camper right now,,will not promote your app if that is what happens!!!!

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