Sunday, March 21, 2010

Schlotzsky's For Dinner

I usually don't cook for dinner during weekends. Sometimes, we just grab some burger or sandwich or we just eat pizza. Weekends are for "unhealthy" foods... lol
For today, we went to Scholotzsky's Deli. Oh... you would love it! It is one of our favorite. Since it is not very accessible to us, we seldom eat it but for today we opted to get a to go sandwich from schlotzsky's and caved in to our cravings. The last time we had schlotzsky's was last holloween 2009. That was long time ago!!!!

While on our way home, we were tortured by the nice aroma of the sandwich that we can't count how many times we said... "the smell of the sandwich is killing me".. the smell was just so heavenly that we couldn't wait to get home.

When we arrived home we hurriedly set the table and enjoyed our sandwich... It was HEAVEN!


Dhemz said...

wala mana dire mami....eheheheh! kami pod we eat junks during off sa yaya woi!....ehehehehe

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