Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Designer Suits

I love looking at men who wears a suit. For me, wearing suit makes somebody look very dignified. During formal gatherings were men are required to wear tuxedos, I always feel like we are in another world. Of course, I am exaggerating but formal gatherings make me think of acting with finesse and do things with grace and elegance.

Hubby does not wear a lot of suits because his work doesn't require him to wear that kind of outfit. His usual working clothes is just a khaki and a dress shirt. Sometimes, when we attend Filipino parties I encouraged him to wear a suit. Most girls in the party are dressed well so I don't want my hubby to be under dressed when attending our gatherings.

I am actually planning to shop for men's suits, neckties and dress pants to add to my hubby's closet. It is always good to have another extra pair just in case there will be important gatherings that need formal clothes. Well, knowing my spending habits, I have to look for a place where I can buy discount suits. I just couldn't afford to spend so much money on anything and besides, why will I need to buy expensive stuffs when I can buy it for a discounted price? I am just being practical. If, I can buy a good quality suit for a discounted price the better! I can use the extra money for other things.


kat said...

hehe pag filipino mag tuxedo, murag ikasal or iburol nyak hahaha joke lang..nag adgi ra ko diri hehehe

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