Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Picnic 2010

Last Sunday, we attended the Easter Picnic. It was an informal picnic for friends and families. It was a day of fun, games, and a lot of Filipino foods. The picnic was held in our local park which is like a mile from where we live.

The kids had a blast being outside and being able to play in the park. They enjoyed the egg coloring and egg hunting. The adults had their share of fun too. They played ball and danced. The food was endless and everybody enjoyed the picnic.

I also enjoyed the picnic with the company of filipino friends and with the company of our beloved cameras. Everybody has to stop and pose for pictures. Even if you are in a middle of a conversation when its picture time, conversations are to be set aside lol. That's what filipinos are known for... "picture...picture".

Here's some snaps of the picnic....


shydub said...

Kadaghan ug lafang uy, naglaway ko.

chubskulit said...

kadgahan talaga tsang hehehehe... gagaganda pa nga mga dalagang filipina hehehehe lalo na yung last hehehe

josie said...

you all looked happy, mukhang enjoy talaga.

Dhemz said...

agoy kalami...daghan foodies....ka cute sa dalaga sa iyang scooter.....peep peep!

adgi sako mami...mura ug gakatipak akong ulo....will try my best to blog hop tonight....daghan nako absent tawon...luoy ang mga suki...hehhehe

adgi sako....bayran naba ka?

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