Sunday, April 18, 2010

Longggg Game!

We were watching the MLB game between Cardinals and the Mets last night. It was such a longgg game it lasted 20 innings. Imagine that.... it was technically more than 2 games as a regular game is just 9 innings.

We watched the game but since it was tie, we went to Walmart to do some shopping when we got home it was still on. We let Andrea watched her Dora movie and after her movie the game was still on. It is unbelievable how long it lasted. Non-pitchers were pitching the game.

We were hoping that Cardinals will win but in the end it didn't happen. They had their chances but they were not able to capitalize from it. It was really a great game and we are looking forward for another game tonight.


Dhemz said...

waaaaa.....busy pod ang ilang weekend....sige lang man ka ug shopping mami...ehehehhe!

agoy busy napod sa opps da...pinalangga jud ka ni PU2!

agi ko dire kadali mami kay busy akong life sa chores....ehheheh....nya gadampuog pa ning akong labhanon....:)

woi, thanks tuod sa code...tawon, wala man nako na check gahapon akong YM....waa...wala na jud ko ka kuha ug swag code sa!

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