Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Weight Loss Experience

In the Philippines, when your waistline is in the 30inches range, you are consider fat. Most filipino women are petite. If your weight is above average then it is noticed by many people. When you gain weight people will tell you up front. When they think you are fat, they will bluntly tell you that. For us, it is normal and it not considered rude.

When I was single, I am strict with my diet and exercise. I always have the sexy body. There was a time, when I didn't work when I gained weight. I was horrified. People all around me kept on telling me how I look fat. I then end up taking weight loss pills which was easily available for purchase. Coupled with more exercise and strict diet, it worked for me. I got back my weight of less than 110lbs.

Don't ask me about my weight now...I know I need diet!


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