Saturday, April 24, 2010

Showbiz and Entertainment

Showbiz provides us with entertainment all day long. I admit when I was new here in the USA and new to being a stay at home wife, I am very updated with what is going on with the showbiz world. I don't have nothing to do at home so I keep myself entertained with different showbiz updates, news and even gossips.

At times, showbiz is a good entertainment but when news of a celebrity goes on and on forever, I sometimes get annoyed with it. Hollywood life gives you entertainment, frustration and annoyance.

When the news about the Octo-Mom came out, it was such a big news that different talk shows were talking about it everyday for a long time. For a while, it was a good entertainment until they dig dipper into it and some nasty truths came out. I got sick of all the media attention that the Octomom got. For sure, I am not one of her fans.

Anyway, showbiz has its way of entertaining people and their followers. The lives of showbiz personalities are susceptible to gossips and rumors, this is all for the sake of entertainment. I don't think they will ever get privacy. I guess that's the price you have to pay for being famous.

You can never hide your life from people's eyes if you are a celebrity. Look at Tiger Woods. He did hid the other side of his life for so long but not long enough. Few months ago, the other side of Tiger Woods came into public. Many hates him for what he had done. With all the mistresses that came out, who could respect a man like Tiger Woods? But I guess, everyone has its own faults.

I am no longer very updated with what's new with showbiz and entertainment world. The ones that would capture my attentions are those the ones that appears in the headlines. I am now busy with other things... taking care of my daughter, making our place a home for us and blogging!


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