Saturday, May 8, 2010

Unique T-shirts

I can be fashionable if I want to be. I can wear anything that I feel comfortable and I stand by my fashion choices.

Lately, I have fall in love with customized t-shirts. I love them because I can customized whatever style and design I want. I love the idea of being creative with the t-shirts. In fact, I have a few collection of my favorite designs... some are cool and some are funny!

Anyway, I have seen many customized t-shirt with prints of the newest blockbuster movies. For people who loves the twilight saga: new moon movie you can now order and purchase your own Eclipse t-shirts at They have a huge selection of official Twilight merchandise. CafePress is a place to be if you want to purchase personalized gifts and unique t-shirts, clothing, mugs, art & posters. If you want to be updated about fashion, trends and news you can also check out GQ for the latest ins and outs of the fashion world.


josie said...

hi Lu, Happy mother's day!

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