Monday, June 28, 2010

Are You Looking for Auto Parts?

Even how much we take good care of our cars, the time will come when some parts need replacement.

We have a Ford Escort car and we need to buy a new dip stick. Hubby and I thought that it was perfectly fine until we had our oil changed. The mechanic told us that our dip stick is broken and that we need a new one. Unfortunately, we have to order it at Ford as they don't carry this part.

The incident of broken dip stick made me look for online places to buy auto body parts. I found a website called They sell guaranteed used auto parts. So, if you ever need parts of any makes and model of your cars, don't forget to check out this website. You can order online or through phone and they offer free shipping in continental US. All auto parts that you will order with this website has a 3 year warranty. For all your auto parts, shop worry free with Ever Drive!


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