Thursday, June 3, 2010

Asian Stores

We were cruising around Atlanta when I noticed a lot of change. The many little Asian stores that are very common in the strip malls are gone. It is so amazing to see how in two years a place can change. There are no more Asian stores. Most of the places are now beauty shops and nail salons. We actually have found a big store that was very interesting. It was a beauty shop that sells anything that you can think of that you need in your beauty regimen. They have hair extensions, different moisturizers, beauty essentials and different types of lotion. Most of the products are imported. I got curious about their wrinkle lotion because that was the first time that I have seen one.

I guess that beauty and nail shops are good businesses now. I am still wondering where the little Asian stores go. Did the the Super H Mart (big Asian Store) run them out of business?


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