Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photos from our Vacation

Taking pictures is part of having a vacation. This is to ensure that the memories will be captured in film and be stored forever. I love taking pictures especially with my daughter. With so many pictures that I have took for the last two days, I need ample amount of money to print them all. I am glad I found a good deal in color printing while I was browsing the internet. This will help me save in printing all the pictures that I have taken during our vacation.

I wish I have a talent in scrap booking. The pictures that I have will be very pretty for a good scrapbook.


Villas in Bali said...

I got your message. This is just what i need.Thanks for this great information, I am following you every step of the way

Anne said...

agoy ka loyal aning tawo sa akong taas mi all the way man jud hangtud sa kahangturan amen.. ehhehe!

Anyways, yup nice to order online.

chubskulit said...

Hahaha oo nga may loyal stalker ka mamilu hehehe.. Oiist dami mong oolah hheheh

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