Friday, June 4, 2010

Click It or Ticket

I have seen the sign "Click It or Ticket" so many times. It is a program of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to place these signs at strategic locations along the most heavily traveled roads.

On our way home from our 3 day vacation, I have noticed that there were many RVs in the road. It got me into thinking, how can they ever implement the seat belt law to RV passengers if they are laying down on their RV's bed? I still have no answer to that until now.

Anyway, I know why there were many RVs in the road because many people went camping during the memorial weekend. I just can't imagine how much money an RV owner will spend on gas. I think having an RV is a luxury that I can't afford because besides the gas, I am sure that rv repair is also expensive. But, it sure is nice to have a luxurious RV for camping trips.


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