Saturday, June 5, 2010

Philippine Wedding

I think that most of the Filipinas that are married to their foreign hubby dreams of having a church wedding in the Philippines. I am one of those Filipinas who dreams on marching down the aisle in my land of birth. Someday, I hope that this dream of mine will come true.

I am happy for my sister who will be having their Philippine church wedding on September. She has been married here in the USA for 6 years and finally her dream Philippine wedding is almost at hand. She is now getting ready for their big day. For her wedding gown, she will have it made in the Philippines but she will bring tuxedo shirts for all the guys in the family that will be included in the wedding entourage.

I wish we can be there to attend her wedding but we can't because we already have our plans of coming home during my parents 50th wedding anniversary.


Anne said...

Pa piliti mi para maka attend ka hehehe... or singila na si bv paborit ka nya heheh... daghan na pondo.

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