Friday, June 4, 2010


Commonly known as Rambutan it is known botanically as Nephelium lappaceum. The Rambutan is a tropical tree which belongs to the Sapindaceae family and also the fruit of this tree. Although it does not grow very tall, it produces an ample harvest. Rambutan is widely distributed throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and Southeast Asia and is identified in some countries, by different names. For example, in Nicargua, Costa Rica and Panama

I was so excited to find this fruit in Georgia. I was more excited when I noticed that the price was affordable. Of course, I have to buy some because I have not eaten this fruit for a couple of years already. Who could have believe that a very common fruit in the Philippines like Rambutan will be available here in the USA? I am glad I bought two packages because I enjoyed eating them!


chubskulit said...

Miss ko na ang rambutan.. adgitizing here mamilu..

josie said...

matamis ba, here kc if the color is very red, maasim, the lighter the color the sweeter. btw. Mom Lu kindly visit my new site and link na din. LOL..

Dhemz said...

naa pa diha mami? agoy ginoo...galaway ko ug tan-aw...miss nanako ang rambutan.

winter gurl said...

my favourite fruit :)

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