Thursday, June 3, 2010

Window Blinds

The construction of our home (renovation and addition) in Philippines is still going on. At the moment, two of the rooms are almost finished. The workers will soon be working on our living room. The construction has been on and off due to financial matters. But all in all we are very pleased with the progress.

When everything will be done, we planned on buying some blinds for the the air conditioned rooms. I think it will be pretty to have window blinds there. We are also thinking of buying colored blinds for my brothers bedroom. I wish Mom would like for the living room to have some blinds like the one below, but she prefers the traditional curtains. Well, she makes pretty curtain designs so I am sure she wants to showcase her creations in her own home.

I can't wait for our next Philippine vacation that way we can see for ourselves our new home.


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