Thursday, July 1, 2010

Abandoned Pond?

We were looking for a pond to fish when one of hubby's friend told us about a big pond in Kelly Creek area. We were excited that we had a place to fish. When we got to the place it was kind of deserted. Hubby's friend told us that the pond is out of shape because the lady that owned it doesn't have time to take care of it already. When her hubby passed away she lost the interest of the pond that they used to really care. Hubby's friend told us that years ago that pond was well maintained and has everything that you expect. It has a dock on it, it has different pond plants, a gazebo and everything else.

I feel bad that the pond looks like it is abandoned now. The grasses around it is no longer trimmed, the dock is about to decay. I wish that it is near to us and we are close with the owner I am sure we will enjoy helping her maintain her pond.


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