Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oldest Postal Worker Retires

Photo Source: Yahoo News

Chester Arthur Reed at age 95 decided to call it quits after working 37 years in the postal office. Isn't that amazing? He still works at the age of 90's? I just can't imagine how he did it.

Reed accumulated 3,856 hours — nearly two years — of sick leave for not missing a shift in 37 years. Not taking a sick leave in the entire time made me "wow"!

Reed believes in drinking alkaline water, to minimize acids that can damage digestive system, and eating sandwiches made "with a lot of mayonnaise and get a big slice of onion" because the vegetable is closely related to garlic, one of the healthiest foods you can eat, he said.

His age is not a hindrance to some adventures. Every year he and his son visit a continent. He is planning another trip that will include Moscow, Helsinki and Dublin, and a second parasailing adventure in Rio de Janeiro. He last parasailed at age 93.

Reed lived a wonderful and adventurous life and he is trying to reach the age of 100!


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