Thursday, July 29, 2010

Customized Tshirts

While we were strolling at the mall last weekend, there were so many people of all ages that were in the mall. Perhaps, the same with us, they were trying to cool off because it was such a hot weekend.

I love to people watch and that was what we did while we were in the mall. We noticed a couple who were wearing a customized tshirt. It was a white tshirt printed with red. Their names were printed with a big heart in the center. Needless to say, I wanted a shirt like what they have. It was cute. So, I checked online to find where I can order a customized shirt. I found Cafepress custom tshirts and I am loving them. Ordering a custom tshirt is fun because you can be creative and make the shirt your own by uploading your own design. You can showcase your talent and creativity by doing so.

Some people like to wear tshirts in different designs. I am actually fond of wearing funny tshirts. Some like to wear Obama tshirts, I guess that is their way of supporting the president. Some wear those with offensive captions and images. For me, I can wear anything that is funny, whether it is offensive or cute. There are different T-Shirts Around the Internet that has become very popular. You might want to check it out... who knows you will like one of them.


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monkey jenn said...

I have a closet full of funny t shirts. They make excellent ice breakers at parties! I even started designing my own.

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