Friday, July 2, 2010

Yard Sale

What I like about Fridays and Saturdays in Alabama is the endless yard sales. I love yard sales as most often than not, I can find some treasures in them. As they say, someone's junk can be someone's treasure.

Did you know that I got my 50-gallon aquarium from a yard sale? Yes I got it for only 20bucks complete with a pump, and a stand. I was so ecstatic when I got it.

I love going to yard sales even if it means you have to wake up early so that you can be there early. Most yard sale seekers go out early to make sure that they will be the first to look at the items. It is a waste of time if you go to yard sales at noon as most items are already picked out.

I am excited to check yard sales again because who knows I might find a good outdoor furniture. I am looking for an outdoor furniture that I can put in our back porch.


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