Friday, July 2, 2010

Franchised Business

My sister and I were talking about how to help my brother who has a family of his own. We do extend our financial help to him in sending his kids to private schools but we wanted him to have his own source of living. My sister already sent him to college to earn a teachers degree and he actually passed the licensure exam for teachers already. With so many licensed teacher in the Philippines, it is still hard to get a teaching job that pays good. He has some offers to teach but the pay is so low that it is not worth the effort.

We are researching for the best franchise opportunities that will be perfect for my brother. He is a good cook and good at customer service so perhaps a food business will be good for him. We are also taking into consideration how much we can afford to start up this kind of franchised business. The idea of engaging into a franchised business is to make sure that our investment will not go to waste. I hope we can come up with the decision soon.


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