Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For the Love of Football

We are big fans of LSU (College Football). We are all so excited for its kick off on September 4. It will be an exciting day for us as football season starts. With LSU's inconsistency last year, their first game will test if they will play good this season. Hopefully, they will or I am sure that Les Miles will be in hot waters.

For somebody like me who never knew what football is until I migrated in the USA, it is amazing how I became so addicted to football sports and other sports for that matter. Sports play a big part especially if you are living in the South. Thankfully, watching different sports program and sports games are possible because of local tv satellite. You can even watch them in HD programming. Some games are also shown in local channels but it is better to have a satellite service because you can watch more games.

If you don't have a satellite service, this is the time to check out www.localtv-satellite.com and take the opportunity to buy one of their packages. The localtv-satellite.com is a partner of Direct TV so you will sure to get a reliable tv service. If you love football, I am sure you wouldn't like to miss the action and fun that football brings.


chubskulit said...

meron pa kaming DirectTv but ala na TFC hehehe/

Mom's Place said...

Haguy..kung may TFC lang kayo jan Lu, tan-aw adtong bus seige sa maynila, monday..nag start ug 7:a.m nahuman ug 9:00 pm...grabe jud kaayo...mga tao naa ra sa TV tanan..walay na laing palabas ang TV kundi kadto ra jud...9 Chinese tourist ang patay, patay pod ang hostage taker...embarrasing kaayo sa Pinas.

Mama Ko said...

sus grabe si snippet dili na mabangbang.

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