Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Praises for News

Written by my friend Dong Wood

As a work from home wife, I often get lonely spending the entire day in front of my computer. To offer myself a bit of entertainment and company as I type away the hours, I begin my mornings watching the Today show on Direct TV. I have attempted to watch other new shows, to get the same news, but non can compare the the entertainment I get from the Today show. From the segments exhibited each day to the anchors themselves, I get a great start to my day by listening to the stories on the show, learning new recipes, ways to save money and enjoying the interactions of the newscasters and their personable, friendly personalities. Often times watching the show makes me feel like I am sitting down with close friends. Thanks to my satellite television service, I know I will get to start my day off watching this great show and anchors like Meredith Veira and Al Roker. This great service guarantees that local outages within the cable company do not disturb my morning routine to watch the Today show.


Laikka said...

nabanhaw ko manay..musta na..heheh! trying to get back ambrot kng kaya pa..hheh!

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