Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This is how Andrea plays with her crayons. That is after she decided to color our carpet thus her all time "nanny, mother, and maid" has to scrub it. Because she has a lot of crayons she decided to spread it around our living room. She is pretty good at identifying the basic colors but this crayons has 64 colors and geez I don't even know how to identify their colors lol.


Mama Ko said...

Na maayo gani dili kitkiton, aguy si jake iya kaonon kadugayan, mag lumba sila justine.

Unsa kaha meaning ani no, basin road to success ni hhehee

Anne said...

hhahahah kita na ko sa crayons ni Andrea... naglaray jud and nanay na moroblema sa pag identify haha... hala balik elementary. haha!

Tsang Journey to success na hahha..

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