Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chill A Red Wine In Hot Weather - Advice From Wine Clubs

Even the newest wine drinker will soon know that white wines are chilled and reds are served at room temperature to bring up the refreshing acid in white wine. However members of wine clubs are now realizing that in hot summer weather, chilling a red wine can be just as refreshing.

Combination Wine Clubs

Multiple wine clubs allow you to select the wines of California or Italy or savor the best of both worlds with combination wine clubs. You can also alternate monthly shipments between Californian and Italian wines. Get the delicious wines of California one month, and then the great wines of Italy the next, or combine both in the same package. Choices also include receiving two exceptional red wines, one from California and the other from Italy, or two superior white wines, one from California and the other from Italy. Wine clubs also welcome customers' personal combinations. Celebrations Wine Club enjoys creatively pleasing customers just like creative winemakers revel in making the wines.

Give the Gift of Wine

Wine clubs make a great gift for any budget. Special Italian wine clubs or California wine clubs satisfy anyone on a gift list. Celebrations Wine Club takes care of all the details for its wine clubs, including wrapping, packing, and shipping. The receiver will get outstanding wines beautifully presented at no extra cost. A card containing a personal message to a friend, family member, or business associate is also included. In addition, the package will contain a newsletter about the wines, a menu, and recipes to help entertain guests.


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