Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holidays and Dieting

Holiday season is almost around the corner. This just basically means that there will be parties left and right. I think I am fortunate to have many Filipino friends where I live because it makes me feel like I am still in Philippines celebrating a festive holiday season.

The drawback of attending so many parties is the endless and non stop eating which will definitely take a bad side effect for those who are dieting. No wonder many people would have a new year's resolution of losing weight because after new year there will be less parties.

Anyway, losing weight is really a struggle and I can blame those who really wants to lose weight if they will use diet pills. What I can say is they better read diet pill reviews before they will decide to use it so that they will be familiar of the effect of the said diet pills.


Dhemz said...

agoy thanks giving nasad mami...asa man mo ani...tingkaon nasad...eehhehe!

speaking of diet pill..naa advert nag email nako the other day...padad-an daw ko nya ug fat burner...nya in return...have to blog about! tag 30 plus raba tawon ang bottle.

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