Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Staying Safe During the Holidays - A Few Tips

Did you set your home alarm before you left the house today? Unfortunately, this time of peace on earth is overshadowed by thieves. Take one minute as you leave the house to double check doors and windows are locked, as well as gates to your backyard.

Ladies, as you leave the department or grocery store and are unloading all those sacks into your vehicle, where is your purse? Still in the shopping cart that you are unloading from? Place it in the car FIRST, before unloading groceries and packages so no one walks by and casually lifts your purse from the cart when you have your back turned. Keep your keys in your pocket and lock the car as you take the cart to a "cart park".

Now that you are safely back home, don't forget to close up and lock your vehicle after unloading, even though you live in a "safe" neighborhood. I use to make fun of a friend of mine who locked her car even in the garage, until I heard a story of someone breaking into a garage and stealing a car that keys had been left in after robbing the house and hurting the family that was home.

It is a good habit to keep the doors and windows locked while you are in the house as well, with the home alarm from InHomeSecurity set, to dissuade potential unwanted guests. It's your property, your belongings, keep them safe year round! Happy Holidays!

Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath


chubskulit said...

Nice tips Mamilu, howdy?

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