Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy Weekend

We had a very busy weekend.

We found a new church that we really like. We have actually attended there for a few times already. It is quite farther from us but since we like the church we have agreed that from now on, we will be attending mass there. We then decided to attend the anticipated mass because we can't get up for the early Sunday service. They don't have a Sunday afternoon mass.

After the mass, we went grocery shopping as there is a nearby grocery store in the church that we go to mass to. Then after that, hubby dropped us off to a party last night.

We all had a blast at the party. Andrea met a new friend which is rare since she usually doesn't warm up to new people but surprisingly she made a friend to a 5 year old boy. They played the whole night and she don't want me to watch them play (hahaha). The boy together with his Mom and siblings went home around midnight. Andrea took a nap while we were still there playing cards. We ended up going home at 4:00 AM.

Today, we had to go to the store to buy some necessities and of course watch some football. Andrea's Saturdays with Nana and Papa are now moved to Sundays. Andrea spent her day with Nana and Papa and we picked her up around 6pm.

Quite busy weekend but we had fun!


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

aguy, nangadlawon ug uli, mao natulog ug sayo, kuyawa suroya ahh. but at least naka simba mo

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

he he he,cute naman ni Andrea,

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