Friday, January 14, 2011

Family Lawyer

So what exactly is the role of a family lawyer? What makes him or her different from other attorneys? Just like doctors, lawyers have their area of expertise, too! That is why it is better to tap in a family lawyer when some family matters need to be solved and resolved.

A family lawyer does not only deal with divorce cases but most of the time this is what they are best at. When a married couple goes for a divorce, the attorney is the one who makes sure the process undergoes legal steps. He also discusses child custody and other financial concerns that arise during a divorce. Other than this, the family lawyer also assists in paternity in cases when a child is born with unmarried parents. The attorney will assist the client in filing case to the superior court. Also, the family lawyer helps couples who want to adopt a child or a birth parent who would want her child for adoption.

Of all the law firms in Arizona, Gillespie, Shields & Durrant is the one I highly recommend. I checked their website and I can say it is among the most comprehensive ones. If you are searching for a family law firm that would stand by you and your family for years, be sure to check their credentials. I did so and found GS&D as the best in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m sure you would not take just one reference. You can go check their site yourself your google their name.


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