Thursday, February 3, 2011


I get different offers from the mail and the most common are the car insurance and credit cards. I know I am not alone on this. There are also different catalogs and other things that I can find in our daily mails. To be honest, I have actually grabbed some offers from the mail and I am satisfied with them. In few months, I will be looking for a really cheap car insurance so I will be checking all the junk mails to see if I can find one.


kat said...

gibalik na nako ako comment page Lu..naglagot man gud ko aning akong spammers ako gi-set didto sa naay google accounts lang...karon ako na giusab..gibalik na nako.

naproblema lagi ko Lu kay basig mawala akong Lifestyle kay ako laging gi-import sa transfer man nako, pero di nako dayonon to ug gamit kay naa may bayad if domain ako gamiton, ahak...abi nako libre like blogger.

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