Friday, February 4, 2011

Roasting a Goose

First and foremost, not in my dreams did I expect to cook something like this. I admit, I do eat different food but few years ago, I was just the "eater". With a twist and change of my life, I became a "chef" in my own way.

Back to the goose. We found a frozen young goose in the grocery store and hubby wanted to try it so we bought it. We thawed the goose in our refrigerator for few days. It was a 16lbs so it took a while.

I decided to cook it yesterday. The preparation was messy! Messy in the sense that I didn't know that goose has a lot of fats. I have to remove excess fats, I think I have removed over a pound of fats.

Roasting a goose is like roasting a turkey. It is as simple as cleaning it with water, pat it dry and season with butter, salt and pepper. I roast it for 20 minutes per pound. While roasting I baste it with butter.

It was a huge success, the meat is very tender and moist while the outside is crispy.

Because this is the first time that I roasted a goose, I have found out that goose get skinny when they are cooked because the fats are all gone. The meat are darker. Even the breast area is not white.


Mama Mia said...

It looks great, Lulu! And nice call, taking away all that fat. I've never tasted goose, though I have eaten turkey. Chicken pa rin ako. It's more flavorful, I think. The more maliit, tthe more malinamnam, in my opinion :)

chubskulit said...

di pa ako nakapagtry magroast ng whole bird mamilu hehehe

Dhemz said...

ayay! huge success man jud...murag lami galing na da...ehehehe...madakop sa unya ko sa luyo naman...labon daghan pato sige langoy langoy sa pond...gani wala sila kay nag snow dire sa amo mami....milagro lagi kay it's been decades since nag snow dire sa SA...1982 daw ang last...murag half an inch lang man sad nuon....maong wala me nigawas!

patulog sako sa akong binuhi...:)

Mom Wish Lists said...

daghan pato diri sa amo silingan nga baligya...ingon sila lami daw i-patotin, ambot unsa ni nga luto pero wa jud ko maibug kay ila pato sige galapok-lapok diri Lu waaaaaaaaaa...

unsay lasa Lu, walay amoy kagaya ng turkey? di man ko ganahan ang turkey kay naay amoy...manok na lang jud ko ani hehehe

inday_adin said...

The fats will keep it moist because it will shrink once it is cooked. Although I have not had goose yet but my husband had some before. I wild goose that is. I only had wild duck before. :) This turned out good. :) I bet it was really good. Visiting you mommy Lulu via TBE!

Adin B

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