Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ABC Wednesday Round 8 (G)

G is for Gas Grill

We all love grill foods. We grill meat and vegetables. Now that the weather is nice, we are back to grilling again.

What I like most about this gas grill is its side burner which is really useful to me. I can use it in cooking some of my "nasty smelling" Filipino foods like dried fish, shrimp paste, salted fish and more.

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Roger Owen Green said...

GLAD that your weather is better; not ours, yet...
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...

mao jud sis..we love grilled foods. nice gas grill you have. it is good the weather there is fine now kay barbecue time nasad

srp said...

My brother bought a huge gas grill with all sorts of special stuff and it is magnificent.. but it intimidates me greatly!!!!!! He is a grilling geek!

Halie said...

Grand looking grill you have there.


Jingle said...

lovely gas grill,

you make me feel hungry.

Dhemz said...

sinaw man kau ang ilang gas grill...ehehhe!

agi ko dire kadali mami...ugma rako mag add sa imong mga blogs ha....kay gaduka naman jud ko...mwah!

Mona said...

hmm.. nice grill tamang tama for this summmer :)

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