Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Nurse in the Family

My sister is a registered nurse. She is actually the first nurse in our family. Most of my siblings are professional teachers.

My sister just landed a nursing job a month ago. This is her first job in the USA. I am happy for her. Before she started her job, she decided to buy a lot of nursing scrubs because she figured, if she is going to work in different shifts, she might not have enough time to laundry and ironed her nursing uniform. True enough, my sister has been working odd shifts. Sometimes, she is also working on-call. Now, she really appreciate that she has more than 10 pairs of scrub pants and scrub tops.

I told my sister that if she ever decides to buy nursing scrubs that will be perfect for spring fashion, she should check out Blue Sky Scrubs as it has wonderful collection of stylish and affordable nursing scrubs.


Joy said...

do you know that i have those stylish scrub suits, but am not a nurse hihi. i just find it comfortable to wear, so i bought some pairs hihi

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