Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thank You

It seems like I was not in the blog land for quite a while. Actually, it is just but few days but it feels like forever to me. I have been blogging almost everyday that missing few days seems like eternity.

I have a VALID reason for skipping my blog as I had to spend my time with family and friends in celebration of my birthday.

Anyway, I can't thank enough my family and friends for being there to celebrate my special day. Even my Mom in Philippines, had to go to my sister's house so that I can talk to her and she can greet me. Thanks to my Babe who made most of the work. My Mom Lori and Dan for the help too.

Thanks to Dad and Jan for the card, my friends for the birthday blog posts, my pals for leaving comments on my blogs and facebook wall, friends who sent sms and called my phone.

To everyone who made my birthday special .... THANK YOU.


SHY said...

I also blog everyday but since when I give birth I am seldom sitting down in my computer. because of missing my blog, sometimes I can write really long post, bsta mgyaw2 lng ko og taman haha..

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