Monday, April 4, 2011

Went Out of Business

A friend of mine used to have a small home-based business. She used to make wedding, baptismal and birthday invitations, some brochures and catalogs. Sometimes she accepted graduation programs and simple flyers. Her rates were affordable since most of the printed materials were done at her home and that she herself makes it. Printers were one of the most important equipment she had for her desktop publishing business. She invested quite some amount for the printers so that she can make quality print outs and beautiful materials. I remember she bought two printers and upgraded her computer so that she can accommodate many job orders. But unfortunately, her business did not last long. For some reasons, she just stopped accepting orders. Well, probably because she was becoming busy with her son going to school already and the last time I heard she got pregnant and had to rest. It’s just so sad to know that her business was already in progress but had to be put on hold. I hope she can get back on track again.


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