Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2 Days of Waiting

Today and yesterday we waited for the ice cream truck to come but it didn't came. Although it is very hot in the mornings in the afternoons we get heavy thunderstorms and rain so, I know why the ice cream truck never came.

Andrea kept on waiting and hoping she will hear the singing sound of the ice cream truck. Hopefully, tomorrow there won't be rain in the afternoon that way we can see Mr. Ice Cream Truck again.


Vernz said...

hello Lulu, musta ka na mingaw na ko imu... wow.. nindot lagi inyong ice cream kay truck gyud... sa pinas ligid lang sa truck... hehehe. agi ko Lu..

Dhemz said...

hehhehe...kalouy sa dalaga...naghuwat tawon sa icecream! parehas lagi ug truck dire pod nawong sa ice cream truck dire sa!

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